Japan Asia Group Limited Review: Towards Sustainability

Kokusai Kogyo actively contributes toward the realization of our Group Mission: "Save the Earth, Make Communities Green." 2015 was a landmark year, where the United Nations renewed three international frameworks that relate closely to our Mission and our work. The concepts of disaster risk reduction and resilience building in the Sendai Framework, adopted in March, was mainstreamed into the Sustainable Development Goals, adopted in September, as necessary foundations towards sustainable development. The Paris Agreement at COP21 in December saw more than 190 countries agree to cooperate towards reducing global warming.

Working with international organizations

Kokusai Kogyo has been active in delivering private sector views and expertise into the international dialogue, even joining, in the case of the Sendai Framework, discussions at its formative stages. In return, we bring back a deeper understanding of global issues and trends, which we apply to our business activities. Sandra Wu Wen-Hsiu, our Chairperson and CEO, has taken a leading role in our work with the international community, and especially the following three organizations:

UN Global Compact

The UN Global Compact is the main UN the main United Nation initiative for engagement with the private sector and business

UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR)

UNISDR strongly promotes disaster risk reduction and resilience through public private collaboration and private sector engagement

World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum is committed to improving the state of the world and is an international organization for public-private cooperation

Additionally, Kokusai Kogyo assists developing countries implement these international frameworks through our international development consulting operations.

Our Activities

With UN Global Compact (UNGC)

The Global Compact was launched at UN Headquarters in New York on 26 July 2000, and aims to bring about sustainable growth through the responsible, innovative leadership of businesses and other organizations acting as good corporate citizens and voluntarily committing to a universal set of principles.

Kokusai Kogyo joined the Global Compact in 2013, and agreeing to meet fundamental responsibilities in its Four Areas and to adhere to its Ten Principles, and reporting on progress through our Creating Shared Value (CSV) report.

2015, Kokusai Kogyo became signatory to the Caring for Climate initiative, which is jointly convened by the UNGC, the secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).