TLS Group Madrid, Barcelona, London - Services

TLS Concept is our service of residential rental properties. By having a large database of tenants across Europe, we are constantly looking for homes that fit these demands.

Is my property suitable for the service?

If your property is located within the area shown in the picture, we will be happy to make our services available for you. We can offer you a guaranted rental plan to 5 years.

What does basic Concept rent include?

  • Announcement on real estate Portal
  • Commercial opening hours 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year including holidays
  • Presentation at the IVIMA of bail deposits
  • Network of own sales channels
  • Assessment of market income
  • Rental contract
  • International presence

Optional services

  • Strengthening of operation, studies of indebtedness and financial solvency
  • Debtors file search
  • Arbitration agreement of lease